Publication Ruth Maria Obrist: the poetry of logic
Kerber, 2022
Texts: Feli Schindler, Claudia Spinelli, Judith Annaheim

There is a trace of timeless arithmetic validity in the work of Ruth Maria Obrist. Her objects and installations explore themes such as mathemat-ics – chaos and order – space, void, proportion, and volume. Over the years, the ocean, too, caught between beauty, destruction and healing, has been a central theme.
Ruth Maria Obrist’s works are of a profound materiality. Using bitumen, white glue, mercuchrome, gold or rust, she creates sensory surfaces that – formally reduced to the essential – exude a poetic ease.
This book covers works from the years 2000 to 2021, including some of the numerous projects that Ruth Maria Obrist realised together with architects and in public spaces.

Concept and graphic design in collaboration with Ruth Maria Obrist and René Rötheli • Image processing • Text • Editing 

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