Group exhibition ‘FACE TO FACE’
Preeti Chandrakant – Valentin Magaro – Andres Herren – Glaser/Kunz
Rik Beemsterboer – Marcel Gähler – Urs Lüthi – Judith Albert
Florian Gasser – Anina Schenker – Kyungwoo Chun

IG Halle in the Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil
August 21 – November 6, 2016

Opening of the exhibition FACE TO FACE, August 21, 2016  Preeti Chandrakant: ArtBeings ArtBeings in interaction with viewers ArtBeings in interaction with viewersOpening FACE TO FACE, August 21, 2016  Rik Beemsterboer: «Führer und Irreführer» Rik Beemsterboer: «Maler» Masks by Valentin MagaroFlorian Gasser Videos by Anina Schenker Exhibition viewKyungwoo Chun «Human Canvas» by Andres Herren (right). Marcel Gähler, (water colour) «9/11»
FACE TO FACE is a close-up encounter with the human face. It appears in the works of twelve artists, as portraits or self-portraits, masks or reflections. And for the first time in the history of art, in addition to painting, photography, videos and objects, living works of art are being presented. With FACE TO FACE IG Halle becomes the first institution in Switzerland to show Preeti Chandrakant’s ArtBeings. This pioneering project of the Swiss-Indian artist opens a new perspective of human beings as potential works of art.

Project direction • Concept and realization of the exhibition in collaboration with the artists and the IG Halle team • Publication • Poster and invitation card • Public relations

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