Book publication ‘Luca Zanier. CORRIDORS OF POWER’, 2015
publ. IG Halle Rapperswil

 Hard cover, 96 pages, with a text by Bill Kouwenhoven, German / English. All images © Luca Zanier «UN Security Council I, New York», 2008, Photo © Luca Zanier «Humboldt University Library I, Berlin», 2014, Photo© Luca Zanier Photos© Luca Zanier «Malta I, Parliament Building, Valetta», 2014, Photo © Luca Zanier
In his series ‘Corridors of Power’ the Zurich photographer, Luca Zanier, provides unusual glimpses into spaces where power is concentrated. The aesthetically seductive colour photography reveals centres of world policy as symbols of a globally interwoven system of society, politics and the economy.
‘Corridors of Power’ is part of a three-volume publication released for the exhibition SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER in the IG Halle Rapperswil in 2015. With a text by Bill Kouwenhoven.

Concept • Graphic design in collaboration with Luca Zanier

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