Publication Hans Thomann

2022, Kerber Verlag

The figure is a constant in Hans Thomann’s oeuvre. He is interested in questions of how people present and perceive themselves. From life-sized human sculptures past Superman and dwarves to the figure of Jesus—Hans Thomann gets to the bottom of culturally determined ideas, which frequently turn out to be fragile illusions. Ambivalence is the artist’s steady companion, but humour is as well.

With his work, which also includes numerous installations in public spaces and on business premises, Hans Thomann pursues an ongoing reflection on human existence. The examination also includes sacred spaces, in which Hans Thomann realises inspiring, critical, or provocative interventions.

Hans Thomann lives and works in St.Gallen. He completed a master class with Mario Merz in Salzburg in 1981 and has been awarded renowned prizes.

This book presents Hans Thomann’s oeuvre in all its breadth for the first time. It conveys the artist’s conception of himself as a sampler, while the philosophical and communicative dimension of the oeuvre as well as the presence in public spaces are expressed in the brief texts.

Concept and graphic design in collaboration with Hans Thomann • Image processing • Text • Editing 

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